A day at the races! 

The Sunflower lanyard,is now recognised at all British racecourses!

The Racecourse Association (RCA) has collaborated with us to create training and information packs to assist racecourse staff in understanding what the Sunflower means and why you may choose to wear one.

The introduction of the Sunflower builds on existing disability inclusion initiatives already in place such as Autism in RacingAscot Racecourse’s Sunflower Lawn and #GoRacingGreen which is currently in situ at Nottingham, Newbury and Chester Racecourses.

If you have a non-visible disability and are going to the races, you can contact your chosen racecourse to request a Sunflower lanyard with pre-booked tickets or in some cases a limited number will be made available at racecourse entrances. You can also wear your own Sunflower lanyard!

TSB is now Sunflower friendly!

We're delighted that TSB have joined the Sunflower network! All their branches have staff on hand to recognise the Sunflower and offer additional support, kindness, patience and understanding. TSB customers with invisible disabilities can collect a Sunflower lanyard by visiting a branch.

Middlesbrough Football Club also joined the Sunflower during the month of July. Once the new football season commences, supporters with an invisible disability can enjoy an improved experience when visiting the Riverside. The club have a number of Sunflower products, which will be available free of charge to supporters with hidden disabilities.

Jardine Motor Group are now proud supporters of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme: “Not all disabilities are visible, and as customers you should never feel you have to justify or explain any disability you may have. That’s why we’re displaying the Hidden Disability Sunflower logo across our sites to show we recognise hidden disabilities and are happy to support you in any way you may need.”


Leading construction materials supplier Aggregate Industries also signed up to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower last month in a move to offer better assistance to staff and customers in need of additional support. The initiative is being spearheaded by the newly established Aggregate Industries Disability Affinity Network (AIDA), a dedicated committee passionate about improving access and inclusivity for staff and customers with disabilities. The company has already created Aggregate Industries’ UK branded Sunflower lanyards as well as face mask exemption badges.