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My First Class Lanyard - Poetry 2022

By Sarah Jane Crozier Raising awareness Share

My First Class Lanyard

by Sarah Jane Crozier

Whether by foot, bus, car, rail or plane,
I’ve found my confidence once again.
A Sunflower sticker on the car,
To alert other road users near or far,
That my hidden disability I might need space,
An understanding from the human race.

I park at the station extra room in the bay
I take my walking aids and now I’m on my way.
On the platform when I’m in pain,
A Quiet Space to await the train.
The lanyard speaks when my anxiety cannot,
An ally of hidden disabilities I haven’t forgot;
Staff aware of the assistance I need,
I hope many businesses do take heed.

Help with my case and assisted to my seat
The amazing kind helpers my lanyard’s helped me meet.
So as the train leaves the station and begins to depart
A little yellow sunflower remains deep in my heart.
It aids me on my journeys both short and long,
Proving false disability stigmas are very wrong.

The world is our oyster with support should we need,
My sunflower lanyard makes me more confident indeed.
A little flower but what it stands for is great:
My hidden disability lanyard - my travelling best mate.

©Sarah Jane Crozier

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