The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower has launched in Brazil. This means that people living with a hidden disability across Brazil will now have easier access to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. They will increasingly be supported as more businesses throughout Brazil officially join the global Sunflower network and take the Sunflower training. 

Globally, 1 in 7 people live with some form of disability and it is estimated that around 80% of these are hidden. That’s 1.3 billion people around the world.  While some experience a disability that is visible, many have a disability that is not immediately apparent to others. These can be temporary, situational or permanent. The Sunflower is a simple tool for individuals to voluntarily share that they have a hidden disability. Simply by choosing to wear the Sunflower, they are letting everyone know that they may need extra help, understanding, or simply more time.

Our new person on the ground – Flavia Callafange

Flavia Callafange

"For many years we struggled in public spaces, we were judged and criticized for some unexpected behavior by my daughter Felícia, who is autistic, I think that the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard would have prevented a series of events from occurring that were unpleasant and sad for us and for other families who have an individual with a hidden disability. I am committed to using my professional experience and my passion to make more people in Latin America benefit from this wonderful project"

Before joining Hidden Disabilities Sunflower as the Regional Director for Latin America, Flavia worked for over 20 years as a commercial director in several globally renowned companies such as British Euromonitor and Aon. Flavia is Brazilian and has a 13-year-old autistic daughter. Flavia discovered the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower when travelling with her daughter and when she noticed that people were more helpful and understanding, she joined the Sunflower in Latin America.

Flavia's first priority upon launching the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, is to ensure that the meaning of the Sunflower is fully understood across Brazil. There is significant opportunity for businesses globally to develop their awareness of hidden disabilities and, by becoming Sunflower Members, businesses contribute to a positive impact on society so individuals living with a hidden disability can fully participate in their workplace, stores and venues.

Before any business launches the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, and as part of their on-going Sunflower Membership, we ask that they commit to train all their colleagues to identify and fully understand the purpose of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, gain an awareness of what hidden disabilities are, and become confident to approach and support people who have chosen to wear the Sunflower.

How to join the Sunflower in Brazil

If your business is based in Brazil and would like become a member of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, explore the details here. When you join, you tap into solutions to shape your support of customers and colleagues living with hidden disabilties. Your business benefits from access to tailored inspiration & inclusion tips, enjoys member discounts, and much more.

If you are someone with a hidden disability based in Brazil and would like to purchase a Sunflower product please visit: