It won’t beat me

by Diana Hudson

When every day is filled with pain;
When you wake with the lark and think
“Oh not again;” When every small task is just too much;
When you try and fail to just dust and such;
When your friends drift away because you have to say
“I really don’t think I can get there today.”
When just getting dressed is really too hard
And every movement puts you on your guard.
I only want stamps but there’s a queue at the shop
And I can’t stand up. I know I would drop
On the floor and look a fool. But I can’t let this pain rule.

Sick of the same four walls, sick of the constant pain.
A holiday would be wonderful but what would I gain?
Just more pain. Planning for hours to get help on the train
But local rail won’t take my scooter unless I can carry it on.
No seats to book; stand all the way.

It’s just all so wrong.
When a trip to the shops gets put off to tomorrow
And your life seems full of nothing but sorrow
Then look at your pain, through different eyes
The pain you feel now won’t respondto your sighs
What you’re feeling right now will be gone in a trice
And that pain can’t come back, you won’tfeel it twice
What you feel the next moment is something quite new
It may not be as bad, could bring peace to you.

Take each minute and relish it, don’t let pain win
Pack it up, throw it out, put it into the bin.
Make the most of eachmoment and sit up and say
“This thing won’t control me. It won’t go away
ButIwilldecide what I can do today.
I’ll be in charge not this thing they call pain.
I’ve beaten it once. I can do it again.

©Diana Hudson