Man listening to a screen reader and Compassionate Isle of Man and Hidden Disabilities logos

In partnership with Compassionate Isle of Man, during April and May, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower hosted a series of free online training events to all businesses and organisations, based on the Isle of Man, to create the first Sunflower friendly island.

The Sunflower training provides businesses and their staff with the information required to understand what a non-visible disability is, recognise the purpose of the Sunflower Scheme and help colleagues to feel confident in approaching and offering a Sunflower wearer the support, patience and understanding that they may require.

Over 200 businesses and organisations from the Isle of Man joined the webinars. You can find them on our Sunflower locator map here.

The Isle of Man, an island located in the Irish Sea, is one of the self-governed Crown Dependencies. Perhaps best known for its infamous Isle of Man TT motorbike event, the island also has a wealth of dramatic coastline, beaches and picturesque countryside to explore. Here's a useful link to the Isle of Man tourist board

As we come out of lockdown and with overseas travel looking tricky to navigate with testing, quarantine and the traffic light system, this is a fantastic time for Sunflower wearers to visit the Isle of Man, safe in the knowledge that you will be recognised and supported while on holiday. If you are looking to visit the Isle of Man, please check the current restrictions in place here.

Creating a Sunflower friendly island is one more step along our journey of encouraging support for Sunflower wearers everywhere they go.