Image of character skipping with text I struggle by Kim


On World Mental health, we would like to share with you a poem sent to us by Kim as part of our "Hidden Disabilities and me" poetry competition:

I struggle

I'm not the same but I don't know why

I struggle every day but I don't know why

My mind goes crazy

My thoughts get at me

I'm on my rollercoaster

But I hate the ride.


My mind won't stop

My body's sensations

Are too much to take


My depression is high

I see no one there

Yet I must comply

And do what they say


Who's there for me

Who supports and confides


I'm lonely in this life

All on my own

But I have this friend  in my head

I hate him

He's wrong


There's way too much judgement

And not enough peace

So leave us alone

You horrid peeps


With your judgements and faces

With your unkindmess and fear

Who do you think you are

Trying living up In here


You wouldn't last a minute

All inside my head

You'd struggle just as I do

And I bet you would fled


So I ask you public kindly

If you see any of us about

Be patient and kind

And loving and helpful

Make us feel comfy

Were struggling right now


If we're odd accept it

If we are fearful don't reject it

If we seem different that's just us

But don't ignore us

Or that will make it worse


Be kind always

Especially in these hard times

Some don't have to comply

And are exempt


So try and be respectful

That we are not all the same

And feel your hate with love

So we can get on the bus once again!