As part of their continued commitment to embedding accessibility into everything they do, change management consultancy business Hable are delighted to now be members of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative.
They have been working hard to launch the Sunflower scheme internally, ensuring everyone at Hable is trained on non-visible conditions. Something that will prove invaluable both when working with colleagues, and when delivering to customers.

Already Disability Confident Leaders, joining Sunflower felt like the next logical step for Hable on their journey to be a fully accessible organisation. They deeply believe in Sunflower’s mission to raise awareness around non-visible disabilities.

“At Hable, we are continuously developing our framework that helps make us deliberately accessible,”

says Steve Garside, Hable’s Head of Marketing, continued,

"It is important to us to be putting people first and continually improving every day. Internally with colleagues, with our customers and through the solutions we offer. We feel that being part of the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network will help us all grow and we are immensely excited to work together.”

Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said:

“We are delighted that leading tech company Hable have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. Accessibility isn’t an optional extra at Hable, it is integral to everything they do ensuring that every engagement is accessible. Technology is at the core of society and it’s important that it’s an inclusive space, so that people with non-visible disabilities can work, access information and play. Hable are a Disability Confident Leader, and so together with the Sunflower, colleagues are offered support and understanding to bring their whole-selves to work.”

Hable have expressed that they are immensely proud to be part of our initiative and look forward to working closely with Hidden Disability Sunflower to raise awareness and support for those with non-visible conditions.

Learn more about  accessibility at Hable.


Is your organisation a member of the Sunflower network?

Is your place of work Sunflower friendly? If not, why not suggest they look into becoming members of the Sunflower? We provide training and assistance to help businesses recognise the Sunflower to support individuals with non-visible disabilities and become confident in providing them with additional help or assistance.

Join an impressive network of organisations so our Sunflower wearers can find you as they plan their days out:

  • add your location to the Sunflower location map
  • provide details useful for Sunflower-friendly visits
  • demonstrate how accessible you are
  • tell your story through articles
  • and even reveal your Sunflower-friendly events

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