Getting Around on Holiday

by Lauren Golden

Holidays are different now,
They’re not the same as they used to be.
I never had a care in the world,
But my brain injury changed me.

So many scary, loud noises,
People rushing here and there.
I used to run amoung them,
But now I’m in my chair.

I wear my sunflower lanyard,
It’s bright for people to see.
I really am not pushing in,
It just makes life easier for me.

Places are overwhelming,
I can’t cope with all the crowds.
I may be a different person now,
But I still make my parents proud.

I have a hidden disability,
Not everyone understands.
I don’t see the world as you do,
Everything I do needs to be planned.

I wish the world had patience,
People don’t want to wait.
They whisper and talk about me,
All I feel is hate.

So if you see the sunflower,
Please be mindful, not demanding.
All I need is a bit of extra time,
And a little understanding.

©Lauren Golden