El Dorado airport in Bogotá D.C has become the first airport in Colombia to join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. The airport joins 188 airports in 26 countries that are supporting an inclusive approach to improving the travel experience of people with disabilities that cannot be recognized with the naked eye.  

Non-visible disabilities that are not immediately obvious can be physical, mental or neurological, and many people experience a combination of visible and non-visible impairments and conditions. 

  • This approach improves the travel experience of people with disabilities that cannot be recognized with the naked eye
  • People who have a hidden disability, or their travel companions, can request a free Sunflower lanyard 

Any person who has a non-visible disability or their travel companion can request the Sunflower lanyard at any of the airport service points, it is free, and there is no need to return it. In addition, whoever carries it will not be asked about their diagnosis or disability.  Passengers should inform airport officials if they require special care, such as access to priority lines through Airport Security, Colombian Migration and DIAN processes at the air terminal.

The Sunflower lanyard will be available at El Dorado and may be voluntarily requested by passengers who need support, more time and understanding to facilitate their transit through the air terminals. Those who are interested in obtaining this lanyard can do so at:

  • The information points of Terminal 1: Second floor, between gates 4 and 5.
  • And at the Domestic Flights Terminal: First floor, west side of gate 3.

Natali Leal, General Manager of Opain:

"At El Dorado we work to provide the best services and memorable experiences to all passengers and visitors, for this reason we joined the "Sunflower" network, a program in which we seek to provide special support and thus improve accessibility and inclusion to people with non-visible disabilities that transit through the airport”


Paul White, CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower:

“We are delighted that El Dorado Airport has become the first airport to launch in Colombia. Passengers with non-visible disabilities travelling through their terminals will be reassured that airport staff will make the necessary accommodations to ensure that passengers are given help, patience, understanding and kindness if they require it. The airport strives to be inclusive, and joining the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network is an important part of that.” 


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Is your organisation a member of the Sunflower network?

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