Shaping the future of travel

In their inaugural Bright Ideas in Travel 2022, Conde Nast Traveller celebrate their 35th Anniversary with an issue dedicated to innovation and invention in the world of travel. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is included for its outstanding role in making travel more accessible and inclusive for travellers with non-visible disabilities. We are one of 56 key players highlighted as pioneering the Future of Travel alongside Hilton, Airbnb,, Revolve Air, Istanbul Airport, SpaceX and Neom.

Paul White, CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said: “To be included in such a prestigious list reflects the transformational impact the Sunflower is having on the lives of people with non-visible disabilities across the globe.

“The Sunflower has not only been used to help to tackle some of the travel challenges triggered by the pandemic, but it has also been helping businesses in the travel industry address a number of the pain points facing passengers.”

According to Conde Nast Traveler, “There has never been a more important moment to recognise those shaping the future of travel. It's not just due to the pandemic, which transformed the industry, but also because of the racial reckoning of the last few years, which has reinforced the need for greater access and representation in travel; the rapid advance of technology; and the climate crisis.

“For the very first time, we're honouring people and businesses who are tackling these issues with fresh, creative thinking to bring us into the future across the realms of tech, design, sustainability, community, inclusion, accessibility, and conservation.”

Making travel more accessible and inclusive.

Our aim is a world where people with invisible disabilities are confident to travel independently knowing that they will receive the support that they may need at every stage of their journey. From the terminal to boarding the flight, on the flight and arriving at their destination!.

For those who do not know what it is – the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower has one simple purpose: You choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard, badge or wristband, when it suits you, to let people discreetly know that you, or someone with you, has a non-visible disability and may need a helping hand, understanding, or just more time.

The Sunflower is recognised across a broad range of sectors - ranging from retail, financial and professional services, public services, hospitality, education, health services, sports, travel and transport and the third sector. Since the adoption of the Sunflower by Gatwick Airport in 2016, 165 airports and 3 airlines across 21 countries have joined the Sunflower network to support travellers with non-visible disabilities, by providing inclusive experiences and bridging the gap between their people and travellers.

Is your organisation a member of the Sunflower network?

Is your place of work Sunflower friendly? If not then why not suggest they look into becoming members of the Sunflower. We provide training and assistance to help businesses recognise the Sunflower in order to support individuals with non-visible disabilities and become confident in providing them with additional help or assistance.

Join an impressive network of organisations so our Sunflower wearers can find you as they plan their days out:

  • add your location to the Sunflower location map
  • provide details useful for Sunflower-friendly visits
  • demonstrate how accessible you are
  • tell your story though articles
  • and even reveal your Sunflower-friendly events