Ahm young, but no invincible

by Elizabeth Baillie

Ah am disabled but that ye canny see,
Tae you ah am able, young and carefree,
Some days ah use a stick, the next wa’ nothin
Some days ah canny get oot o’ bed, ‘n’ no fir
the lack of tryin!

When ahm able, ah will get the bus,
Ahl sit it in the disabled area n no mak’ a fuss,
The problem, however, lies in their stares,
Their stern eyes say, “you shouldnae be there!”,
I hae use of my legs, ‘n nae stick, so ah must
be in the wrang,

People assume that if yer no aged or on
wheels, that ye must be lyin’
But they dinnie ken how it feels, tae feel
their steely stare.

When there’s somewhere ah need to be,
Ahl get a taxi if i’m pained or fatigued,
to shorten the distance as much as ah need,

Ahl get in the car and its awkward as hell,
Trying tae climb in and adjust the seatbelt,
Trying tae make enough room in the footwell,
Then ahl sit my stick up ‘n’ they’ll look me up and doon,
Say tae me wae such determination an’ a froon’,

“Bit young for that, no?” And under my breath ahl curse,
“No every disability is visible, mate” is what ah say,
Cursing tae masel coz ah say this almost everyday, They’ll look
confused and then look away. No aw disabillities are visible, Ahm
young but ahm no invincible

©Elizabeth Baillie