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Our partners

Our partners

Become a global partner

We are always seeking global partners to manage the Sunflower in their country. If you are a disability advocate and activist and have the drive, determination and imagination to deliver the Sunflower in your region, we would love to hear from you:


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Bayley House is The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower partner in Australia and New Zealand extending the reach of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Bayley House supplies the products to individuals and businesses in those two countries.

Bayley House specialises in supporting people with intellectual disabilities live a full, engaged life and is a disability Support provider located in Melbourne, Australia. At Bayley House, they are passionate about supporting adults with intellectual disabilities to develop their unique capabilities and live rich and meaningful lives.

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North America

The Sourcing Group, LLC, a Manhattan-headquartered provider of technology, print and branded merchandise solutions, is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower partner in North America.

The Sourcing Group was founded in 2005 by Dennis Clemente and Billy Caan with a simple commitment, that we would do whatever it takes to service our most valuable assets...our customers. We are dedicated to helping customers simplify the management of their branded materials by offering innovative technology, industry expertise, and unparalleled service. We believe strongly in our people, our company culture, and our “customer advocate” mentality. All of us at TSG are engaged in the process and fully empowered to make decisions that help our customers make the best use of their time, their resources, and their money.

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For businesses who require a more in-depth and bespoke Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training than provided on our Hidden Disabilities training videos, we have partnered with Purple, one of the UK’s leading providers of disability-related training and consultancy services, to support clients working with disabled people. Purple have worked with organisations to provide virtual training solutions including webinars, online workshops, one to one coaching and e-tutorials.

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