Jetsar has become a member of the internationally recognised Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program. and joined a network of airports, retail stores, tourism and transport providers that have trained their staff to recognise Sunflower items and support those wearing them.

By choosing to wear a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower item (eg lanyard, badge or wristband) customers with a hidden disability can discreetly signal to our staff at the airport and onboard that they may need assistance including:

  • clearer instructions, written or verbal; or
  • more information on what to expect at the airport and during the flight; or
  • more time when speaking with Jetstar staff at check-in, during boarding and when disembarking.

Please be aware that wearing a Sunflower item does not mean you’ll receive a personal escort through the airport and that all passengers need to meet Jetstar's Independent Traveller Requirements, including those with hidden disabilities.

* Currently only Jetstar Airways (JQ) staff are trained to recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program and Sunflower products. Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK) are not yet part of the program (watch this space).

Become a Sunflower Member in five easy steps

  1. Log in to your business account or if you do not have one, register here.
  2. Choose and subscribe to the Sunflower Membership that works best for your business today (available in the memberships section of our online shop)
  3. Purchase Sunflower products to support your colleagues and customers with hidden disabilities
  4. Train your entire workforce using our Sunflower training videos*
  5. Launch and promote your Sunflower Membership to your community as well as the global Sunflower network*

*access restricted dependent on Sunflower Membership level