The University of Cumbria has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to support its equality, diversity, and inclusion goals and to encourage inclusivity, acceptance, and understanding.

Sunflower membership was initiated by the University's Disability & Neurodivergent Network, DANN, which has begun a phased rollout of hidden disabilities training and free Sunflower lanyards for staff who wish to discreetly indicate that they have a non-visible disability.

Students and visitors can also wear their own Sunflower items when on campus and will be offered help and support as well as extra time and understanding.

Lee McDermott, EDI Officer, and a founding member of DANN.

“It’s fantastic to see this DANN led proposal come to fruition, driving forward disability equality and making the invisible, visible to improve the experiences of our university community”. 


Learn more about the University's Disability & Neurodivergent Network, DANN by visiting their website.