The Instituto Brasil Solidário is part of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

The Sunflower is an identification tool for individuals with hidden conditions and disabilities. Instituto Brasil Solidário is a civil society organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and valuing human beings since 2001. Instituto Brasil Solidário operates nationwide and in Latin America, particularly in areas with low Human Development Indexes (HDI), by offering comprehensive education.

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Instituto Brasil Solidário, an organisation that supports people with hidden disabilities. The Institute aims to promote inclusivity and raise awareness within its communities. The project will involve training employees and volunteers to better serve individuals with hidden conditions or disabilities.

The Sunflower has become a prominent symbol for Instituto Brasil Solidário, emphasizing that inclusion is a collaborative effort. Instituto Brasil Solidário now serves thousands of people in Brazil and other Latin American communities with greater empathy and inclusion through the use of the Sunflower. We invite everyone to share about the Sunflower in their communities, spreading the message and becoming advocates for inclusion. We also encourage people to be prepared to support someone wearing the Official Sunflower, offering help and showing respect and empathy.

"We at Instituto Brasil Solidário strongly believe that inclusion is a collaborative effort that can drive positive transformation in communities. Our partnership with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower further strengthens our mission of valuing human beings and providing opportunities through education. We are committed to training our employees and volunteers to serve people with hidden disabilities better, thereby making the communities we serve more aware, welcoming and prepared to support everyone. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive future." - Instituto Brasil Solidário

Flavia Callafange, Director of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Latin America, says:

"The partnership between Cordão de Girassol Oficial and Instituto Brasil Solidário represents an important step towards a more inclusive and welcoming world. We believe that making the invisible visible is fundamental to promoting awareness and empathy in relation to hidden disabilities . Join us and Instituto Brasil Solidário on this journey to build communities that are more aware and prepared to embrace diversity." 

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower project, known as The Sunflower, is a worldwide initiative that began in the United Kingdom in 2016. The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness and cultivate empathy towards these disabilities, with the ultimate aim of creating a more inclusive world.

For more information about Instituto Brasil Solidário, visit our website at Brasil Solidário