Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is proud to be the first property in Nevada to adopt the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower 

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, part of Curio Collection by Hilton, has partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program, an innovative new way for guests to voluntarily signal to team members that they have a disability or condition that may not be immediately apparent and might need extra patience, support and understanding. The property is proud to be the first location in Nevada to partner with the Sunflower program to better serve all guests.  

 Through use of a Sunflower lanyard, pin, wristband or card holder, guests can signal their hidden disabilities to Virgin Hotels Las Vegas team members, who have received special training from the Sunflower network to recognize these identifiers and provide every guest with the service they need to make their stay comfortable and hassle-free.  


 Cliff Atkinson, President of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, said:

“We strive to not only deliver guests with the best service possible, but to make our resort as accessible and inclusive as we can. We are beyond thankful to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program for equipping our team with the materials, training and support to improve the experience of our guests. I would also like to thank the team members at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas for being so eager and willing to take on this training. Our team is phenomenal, and I am excited for this new chapter of inclusion and accessibility at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.” 


Starting in the UK in 2016, the global Sunflower network provides their innovative program and training to businesses and non-profits across all sectors including retail, tourism, education and more. Globally 1 in 7 people, approximately 1.3 billion of the world population, live with a disability. These disabilities can be temporary, situational or permanent. Non-visible disabilities can be neurological, cognitive and neurodevelopmental, physical, visual, auditory and including sensory and processing difficulties. They can also include respiratory, heart, rare diseases and chronic conditions such as asthma, endometriosis and chronic pain. 


 Paul White, CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, said:

"We are thrilled to welcome Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. As diverse as non-visible disabilities and conditions are, so are the individual access needs and barriers that Sunflower wearers face in daily life. It is wonderful to see how Virgin Hotels Las Vegas have committed time and energy to implement the Sunflower training to ensure that Sunflower wearers are recognized by their staff to receive the additional help, understanding and kindness they may need.” 


For more information about Virgin Hotels Las Vegas please visit their website Virgin Hotels Las Vegas