Serco has announced the implementation of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower across its regional offices and contracts in the Middle East, marking a significant step towards enhancing its commitment to being an employer of choice for People of Determination (POD) and advancing its Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

This internationally recognised initiative is designed to foster an environment of inclusivity, acceptance and understanding, aiming to significantly improve the day-to-day experiences of individuals with hidden disabilities in the workplace.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower introduces a discreet green Sunflower lanyard for Serco colleagues to voluntarily indicate that they live with a disability or condition that may not be immediately apparent. This lanyard signifies that the wearer may require additional support or understanding in the workplace. Additionally, a white Sunflower badge is available for colleagues who wish to show their support for individuals with hidden disabilities.

To ensure the successful deployment of this initiative, Serco has also introduced comprehensive Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training for all its employees. These training sessions are designed to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to recognise hidden disabilities, offer appropriate assistance and cultivate a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Serco Middle East CEO and Serco Group Executive Sponsor for Serco Unlimited, Phil Malem said: 

“Serco has two goals for People of Determination; to recruit more people with a disability and to make it easier for people with disabilities to work and thrive at Serco. This initiative is a fantastic step forward in reaching those goals.”

Operations Director and Serco Middle East Executive Sponsor for People of Determination, Graeme Flaws said:

"We’re proud to be at the forefront of initiatives that support People of Determination. Our vision is to create an environment of safety at Serco where all colleagues feel a sense of belonging and can thrive to their fullest potential. To support this aim, we are proud to launch the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and look forward to the positive impact it will have within Serco and beyond."

Mr. Andy Faulkner, the CEO of Topland, exclusive partner of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in the Middle East said:

” We are excited to have Serco Middle East joining the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. The launch of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program highlights Serco’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment at the workplace. Disabilities either visible or hidden should not act as a barrier for employment and we are happy to see the positive influence the Sunflower will have on everyone within Serco and beyond"


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