Groupe ADP, which manages Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports, has become a member of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower association, a globally recognised symbol of invisible disabilities. The Sunflower lets wearers know that they may need support, patience, extra time and understanding at any time during their journey.

In 2023, the two Parisian welcomed approximately 99.7 million passengers, of which 10% were disabled. Ensuring their requirements are met is essential to being a disability-inclusive airport hub, and the Sunflower supports their strategy to achieve this.

The Sunflower has been rolled across Groupe ADP’s 6,000 employees, and specific hidden disabilities training has been delivered to those who are customer-facing. This training equips the teams with the knowledge and understanding to provide the best possible support to passengers with non-visible disabilities. And it doesn’t stop there – the entire airport community has become Sunflower-friendly, which means: the airlines, the police, shops and restaurants and more.

Augustin De Romanet, Chairman & CEO, of Groupe ADP, said:

“At Paris Aéroport, we are convinced that the Sunflower lanyard will greatly improve the travel experience of our passengers with hidden disabilities.” 

Groupe ADP makes Sunflower lanyards available in the ‘Assistance Mobilité’ areas at all the departure terminals of Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport.

The Sunflower supports airports in creating a friendly, facilitated, and inclusive environment for their disabled passengers and their families so they can enjoy a positive travel experience. Travelling can be stressful, exhausting and overwhelming, and the Sunflower is one of several accessibility services offered by Groupe ADP.


Learn more about Groupe ADP by visiting their website – Groupe ADP




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