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  1. Hidden Disabilities Sunflower launches in Mauritius
  2. Música ‘Girassol’, de Alceu Valença, foi trilha sonora de Campanha do Cordão de Girassol Oficial pelo mês de outubro de 2023
  3. It's the law in Brazil: Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
  4. Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and Christ the Redeemer: Representing diversity
  5. People of Determination manufacture the Sunflower lanyard for distribution in the GCC region
  6. Goodtalks Special Award winner at Danish Diversity Awards 2023
  7. Two firsts and inclusion for all – the Special Olympics World Games 2023 starts here
  8. We are an official Guinness World Records™ title holder!
  9. How do we measure the number of hidden disabilities? . . . by making the world’s longest lanyard
  10. The Sunflower expands into the Middle East
  11. Global Partner | Topland
  12. The Shaw Trust Disability Power 100
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