PIP Professionals (PIPPS) introduces the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to better support their clients. The entire team has completed the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training and will use the support and information from their Hidden Disabilities Sunflower membership as part of their strategy – with a key goal of supporting their clients in the best way.

Recognised internationally, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a subtle but important visible method of identifying that the wearer has a ‘non-visible’ disability and that they may need some extra support.

PIPPS supports the disabled community, their families, friends, and carers throughout the UK by providing assistance with claiming DWP disability benefits such as Personal Independence Payment and Work Capability benefits.

Their core values and beliefs align well with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower – and so it was natural alignment to join the global Sunflower network. 

The PIPPS team is honored to be trusted to support people with both ‘invisible’ and ‘visible’ conditions, providing a service that aims to be accessible to everyone. The client-facing team can choose to wear either the green Sunflower lanyard or the I Support lanyard, which will enable our clients and beyond to open up the conversation about invisible disabilities.

As a Disability Confident Employer, the majority of the team have their own invisible and visible disabilities. 


Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, said:

“PIPPS is offering a valuable and essential service to disabled people, providing support for a complicated and overwhelming claims process. The reality of unsuccessful claims has devasting consequences on health and access to basic needs. The Sunflower offers an additional tool to the team; it makes the invisible visible. It is a silent voice that requests an offer of support, patience, extra time, and understanding.”


Cat Gillett, Executive Director, PIPPS, said:

“At PIPPS our Team is what makes us special. We pride ourselves on having lived knowledge and understanding of a multitude of conditions – however, of course, we can never have enough knowledge. Our new and exciting membership of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower means that we can expand our teams learning, which in turn will enable us to offer the right support and assistance to those who need it.”


Chris Hall, Legal Director, PIPPS, said:

“We are incredibly proud to share that we are now members of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower which assists us with our commitment to support the disabled community.

At PIPPS we strive to make the process of accessing disability benefit support as smooth as possible, and reduce stress as much as possible, with what is inherently a difficult and stressful process. Many of our team members have lived experience of disability, meaning that they have significant empathy and understanding of the difficulties that Claimants face.

Our Sunflower membership is supporting us by providing further training and understanding regarding ‘hidden’ disabilities and we are looking forward to working with the sunflower going forward.”


Learn more about PIP Professionals by visiting their website - PIPPS 



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