Eventgoers with a hidden disability will be offered a helping hand to navigate Northern Territory's major events by wearing a discreet lanyard decorated with tiny sunflowers.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme, set to be implemented across all events delivered by NT Major Events Company (NTMEC), will enable people with hidden disabilities to wear the internationally recognisable sunflower symbol.

This symbol signals to company staff, who are trained in the program, that support may be needed. Support can be anything from helping people with wayfinding, providing a safe resting area, or directing individuals to essential facilities such as restrooms or medical tents.

NTMEC CEO Suzana Bishop said introducing the Hidden Disability Sunflower program is an important initiative that will benefit locals and those that visit the Northern Territory to experience one of our amazing events.

“We strive to create events that are as inclusive as possible and in previous years we have provided support for people with a disability through various programs,” she said. “Partnering with a globally recognised scheme allows us to expand and improve in this space.”

“I hope more businesses embrace this internationally recognised scheme which will make living in the Territory a more liveable place for all.”

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program is thrilled to support NTMEC and the NT Government in their quest to make events more accessible and inclusive for all attendees including people with non-visible disabilities. We would like to thank NTMEC for pioneering the way across the region and all the staff and volunteers who champion the Sunflower initiative, offer their support to Sunflower wearers, and ultimately build a better society that all Australians can be proud of.

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