The Hilton Warsaw, Poland, is the first Hilton Hotel to join the global Sunflower network to support guests and staff with non-visible disabilities. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel welcomes guests from around the world and prides itself on excellent customer service. Disability inclusion isn’t just an add-on; it is essential to them, and everyone is welcome.

The team at the hotel has had Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training to recognise and support Sunflower wearers with an offer of help, extra time and understanding. The Sunflower is universally known and removes the language barrier for acknowledgement.


Inclusion is what we’re looking for at Hilton, all around the world. We would like to create an environment where diverse Guests, Team Members and local Communities could feel the equity and an inclusive experience at our hotel. When it comes to our Team Members and local Communities, we’re already well-experienced in employing people with disabilities who have now become part of our team. When it comes to our Guests, this is where the partnership with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower steps in. We’re now recognised as one of the global network of Sunflower-friendly places. We want our Guests with disabilities (both visible and hidden) to be aware that if they would like to visit Warsaw in Poland, there’s a friendly place for them in Hilton Warsaw City Hotel.

Our staff are trained and know what the Sunflower means. Our Team Members are people full of empathy, understanding and respect towards our Guests. This is what hospitality is all about, and we do it daily. Considering that it’s our passion, it’s even easier for us to adapt to our Guests with extra needs. It’s in our DNA, and we’re ready to elevate the inclusion experience to a new level with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Hilton and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower's goals are similar: the aim is a world where people with disabilities are confident to travel independently, knowing that they will receive the support that they may need at every stage of their journey.

As Conrad Hilton once said: “It’s our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality." Till this day it’s our motto.


Learn more about Hilton Warsaw by visiting their website.


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