The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and their partner in Mauritius – The Inclusion Station, have today launched the Sunflower in Mauritius

This move will enable those living with a hidden disability in Mauritius to access the Sunflower, a yellow sunflower printed on a green background. The Sunflower lanyard indicates to those around the wearer that they are a person of determination with a hidden disability and may require support, understanding or a little more time.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is brought to the region by the organisation's new partner, the Inclusion Station; the initiative promises to foster a culture of understanding, accommodation, and support for individuals with hidden disabilities—ushering in a new era of inclusivity across both public and private spheres.  The Inclusion Station has strongly advocated for creating inclusive environments since its inception in June 2022. Through its multidisciplinary approach, its aim is to empower children to overcome challenges, build self-esteem, and unlock their full potential. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, launched in collaboration with The Inclusion Station, represents a step towards an inclusive community. The nationwide initiative is a testament to The Inclusion Station's commitment to educational reform and family empowerment. 

Commenting on the official launch of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in the Mauritius, Paul White, CEO, said:

“We are excited to announce our new partnership in Mauritius with The Inclusion Station. This expansion into Mauritius is a progressive step in both generating greater global awareness and making the Sunflower more accessible. The Sunflower program's core values align with The Inclusion Station's mission of ensuring that no individual's disability overshadows their right to a fulfilling life. ”

Nadjah from The Inclusion Station said:

“We're thrilled about the launch of the Sunflower in Mauritius, as it marks a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and support for individuals with hidden disabilities; promising a more understanding and accommodating environment in both public and private spaces across the island..”


Around the world, 1 in 7 people live with some form of disability. And 80% of these disabilities are non-visible; that's over 1 billion people with an invisible disability. There is a significant opportunity for businesses and organisations globally to develop their awareness of invisible disabilities, and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower provides the tools to do this.

Organisations that register with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower are provided with training to enable colleagues to become more confident in assisting customers or colleagues wearing the Sunflower. This could mean giving them more time to prepare or process information, using clear verbal language or allowing them to remain with their families at all times. Businesses that join the global Sunflower network may also choose to provide Sunflower products for their colleagues and customers with an invisible disability free of charge. 

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower has been successfully operating in the UK since 2016. In addition to the UK office, the Sunflower has operations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and, the Nordics, the UAE and Ireland. It is recognised in over 50 countries worldwide.

With local representation provided by The Inclusion Station and a dedicated, country-specific website, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower will be better equipped to support both the Sunflower wearer and the organisations that register to support the initiative in Mauritius.