Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program and Bayley House are extremely grateful to Beyond Bank for helping to grow awareness across the country for people with non-visible disabilities and for their financial support to help build the Sunflower Program.

With Beyond Bank’s support, Bayley House have provided more skill development activities for people with Intellectual Disabilities through the packing and fulfilment opportunities with the increase in Sunflower product orders across the region.

We have also been able to increase the number of members by encouraging more customer-facing organisations to join the initiative, train their staff to identify and support their customers with non-obvious disabilities and to promote their business as inclusive.

Finaly, we have delivered more Sunflower products to more people enabling them to get support at the growing number of the Sunflower friendly member organisations such as Beyond Bank branches across Australia.

True to name, Beyond Bank are more than just a bank, they are committed to training their staff to recognise Sunflower wearers and to welcome and support all customers with visible and non-visible disabilities.

We look forward to an ongoing partnership and hope that Beyond Bank’s customers enjoy exceptional service and support.