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Autism with Maddie White

By Hidden Disabilities Sunflower The Sunflower Conversations Share


This podcast was recorded as an Instagram Live.

Maddie shared her lived experience of being wrongly diagnosed with mixed anxiety, depression and panic disorder before eventually being diagnosed with autism when at university aged 21. In our chat, we talked about her life as she tried to navigate the neurotypical world and her newfound approach to life since being diagnosed with ASD.

Maddie explains how her sessions with a counsellor who specialised in ADHD and Autism brought the realisation that all along, her difficulties resulted from being overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and the need to know exactly what lay ahead, as opposed to depression and anxiety.

If you are experiencing any issues discussed in this podcast please contact your healthcare practitioner.

For support:

Hosted by Chantal Boyle, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

Download the full transcript here.

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The Sunflower Conversations is a podcast that delves into different non-visible health conditions to enable the listener to learn more about the causes and symptoms and the physical and social impacts that can occur. The conversations are with Sunflower wearers who share their lived experience of disability and who give a walkthrough of the ups and downs that are personal to them.

We also talk to healthcare professionals and charity experts who deliver an overview of specific disabilities and offer advice and signposting for support. If you are experiencing any issues discussed in this podcast, please contact your healthcare practitioner.

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